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<strong>01</strong> Is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) expensive?

No. PDR pricing varies depending upon the amount and severity of the damage. Compared to conventional repair, such as body shops, PDR is very inexpensive.

<strong>02</strong> Is PDR time consuming?

No. A minor door ding or dent can be fixed within minutes. Automobiles with heavy hail damage can take 1 to 2 days to repair. Just as in pricing, the amount and severity of damage determines repair time. Compared to conventional repair PDR saves you time.

<strong>03</strong> After the damage is repaired will it ever come back?

No. Once hail damage, dents and dings are professionally repaired using PDR they will never come back.

<strong>04</strong> Is disassembly of certain parts of my automobile always required for PDR?

No. Minor repairs usually do not require disassembly at all. Hail damage repair may require disassembly of certain parts such as the interior headliner, hood liner, deck lid liner, headlights and taillights,

<strong>05</strong> After reassembly, will all of my automobile ‘s functions work properly?

Yes. Your automobile will be returned exactly as it was before the repair, only without the damage. Dent Solutions is a professional PDR company that is fully licensed and insured, and we fully guarantee all our services. With over twenty years of experience, you can be assured of our emphasis on quality.

<strong>06</strong> Does repair work get reported to Carfax?

No. Dent Solutions is not required to report any of our services to anyone and never does.

<strong>07</strong> Can I use my automobile insurance for PDR?

Yes. For Hail Damage repair our customers typically do use their automobile insurance. For minor repairs such as dents and door dings, because the cost is lower than most deductibles, customers usually do not use their automobile insurance.

<strong>08</strong> Does Dent Solutions offer discounts?

Yes. Dent Solutions offers a 20% discount to all veterans of the United States Military.